No Reservations to air final season

One of the shows which inspired me to get off my butt and see the world (with whatever my money can afford) is “New Reservations”, with my “old guy crush”, Anthony Bourdain, definitely one of the coolest guy currently seen in cable channel.

the hottest guy in cable TV. bar none.

All his Filipino fans definitely felt a swell of pride after the much-followed show finally landed in the shores of Manila and provincial Philippines! When Tony raved about how good Filipino lechon tasted, every Pinoy must have felt a collective surge of national pride.

…though I am not really a fan of Augusto’s story. I felt like Tony could have done a lot more in the Philippines, minus the burden of the back story of a returning “balikbayan.” But that’s just me.

Anyway, the ninth and final season of the Emmy-award winning and highly popular show will debut on September 03 at the Travel Channel.

I’ll definitely miss seeing Tony and his various culinary adventures–both exciting and the weird–when the show finally ends. (SOURCE)