Review: Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay City

My absence this past few days was because of the office Strategic Planning held in picturesque Tagaytay. For my non-Filipino readers, Tagaytay is a city located in the south of the Capital. Tagaytay is known for it’s cold climate (it’s up the mountains), delicious food (especially bulalo/stewed beef shank) and of course, the magnificent Taal Volcano, known for being a volcano within a lake within a volcano that is located in a larger lake. The Taal Volcano is also the world’s smallest active volcano and in spite the passing of the years, Taal and Tagaytay remained a favorite vacation spot of many Filipinos.

The Strategic Planning for this year was held in the historic Taal Vista Hotel. This hotel has been around since 1939 and is considered a legend already in the Taal area. A few years back, the hotel underwent a major renovation which brought back the shine and splendor of its amenities. The lobby was located at the English Tudor-style mansion which connects the new wing (the building) to the old wing (where we stayed).

The Old Wing showed hints of its age, yet it is well-maintained and clean that you wouldn’t mind putting up with the occasional hiccups, like a small bit of peeling paint very minor cracks in the bath tub area. Service was also good and prompt, which I think Taal Vista deserves great kudos for.

Room 311, Twin

Room 311, Twin

Access to the room is via key card and should you ever fail to close your door within 2 minutes upon opening, it will emit a high pitched sound, alerting that the door is open. I find this bit commendable since it puts extra emphasis on the guests’ safety.

The room had two twin beds and a well-stocked mini bar which I tried to ignore as much as I can. Of course, seeing a bottle of orange juice being sold at twice its price has a way of bumming the hell out of you. So, even if I was in the midst of pre-dinner hunger pangs, I decided to while away time snoozing on the comfy love seat beside my bed.

photo (6)

photo (7)

I was one of the first people in our group to check in so I had a bit of a time enjoying the peace and quiet in the comfort of my room. I was happy fiddling with my iPhone in bed when I faintly heard a rustle behind the doors. This made my imagination work in overdrive. Office mates kept telling me that Taal Vista had its resident ghosts — which I am glad to report, seemed nothing but just an urban legend. Trust me. This is coming from a girl who spent majority of her stay locked up in the room, sometimes without the room mate, and heard/felt/seen nothing.

photo (5)

Our comfort room is large, airy and stocked with toiletries. The only draw back was that we had to call for the plumber the next morning since our bath tub was not draining water properly. After we reported, maintenance was able to immediately sort the problem easily.

Food was also okay. I like the breakfast better because I felt like there was more selection for the breakfast buffet. Their sweet desserts was also okay, but pastries should be improved since all pastries we’ve eaten are either not moist enough or bland. It’s a shame considering how nice it looked.

lunch - starters

lunch – starters

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So if you have plans of visiting the Philippines, squeeze in a quick trip (maybe a night? or two?) to Tagaytay. If you’re up for it — Taal Vista Hotel has its own fireplace, usually surrounded by young preppy types catching on their social accounts while enjoying the camp fire.