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Cramming for Japan

Hello, sorry for being out of touch for the longest time. As mentioned in my other blog “KamikazeeGirl’s Guide to…,” December has been quite tiring and draining for me. A relative got sick and the task of taking care of him (both physically and financially) fell on our family’s shoulders. Add to the fact that I was working myself sick until the last day of the year and now, I am paying dearly for it (writing this blog while on my sick bed — coughs and a bad bout with flu has finally caught up with me).

This planned Japan trip for my birthday is making me crazy. It’s just five months to go before the planned trip and I still don’t have tickets. Mostly because the money for the tickets (bonus money and all the other savings I have socked off) went to helping the relative. I know, it’s a bummer — part of me was still mourning losing all that cash, but I knew that I used the money to help save a life. The end part makes me feel better, but nonetheless still bummed because all I could think of is how I will get to Japan on my birthday.

I already checked the ticket costs and it’s about PHP25,000 (about 600USD). Right now, I have about USD300 saved up but I know it’s not enough. My only hope is the forthcoming TravelTour Expo happening in February where tickets will be selling for less than USD600. I gotta buy my tickets on that day otherwise, the latest I’ll be able to go will be in November — waaaay past my birthday.

For those in Manila and interested to buy cheap travel tickets, packages or hotel stays, The PTAA Travel Tour Expo is scheduled from February 14 to 16, 2014 and is usually held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City (the trade hall right beside the behemoth that is the Mall of Asia). Tickets usually go for PHP50 or about USD1.20. I have attended its last two events (2012 and 2013) but didn’t purchased anything. But lines usually for airlines are the longest and most chaotic probably because every one is trying to snap a deal.

More information can be found at their Facebook page.

Hopefully, I’ll have my tickets available by mid-February, please keep your fingers crossed for me. For now, all I can do is build up my nest egg and hope to have enough money to show the embassy when I apply for my tourist visa.