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How do you know when it’s time for you to travel?

How do you know when it’s time for you to start booking flights and finding new destinations? Do you feel a particular itch, a particular sense of longing — of wanderlust, and that sense of getting lost?

the de facto battle cry for all wanderers (image credit to owner)

the de facto battle cry for all wanderers
(image credit to owner)

Does the time come when you see a seat sale and you start having panic attacks, uncertain if the credit card has been paid and thus, eligible for online purchase. Do you save all year, bits and pieces…bits and pieces…until you go away and spend everything in one glorious blaze of travel lust?

I wonder what makes people like us itch for the next adventure. New places yet unseen? Longing for a place you once been?

In my case, it’s the familiar strain of feeling like I was stranded on dry land. Nothing seemed to catch my fancy and I’d rather keep my money in a travel fund jar than spend on much-needed new shoes for the office. It’s when Sky Scanner is front and center on my iPhone app — as I furtively take a peek if there’s something worth going crazy for via Manila to Osaka.

And because we are on the subject: Return plane fares from Osaka to Manila is currently at PHP11,617 per person via JetStar (Direct flights); it’s PHP19K via Cathay Pacific (with a quick stop via HK) and PHP20K via ANA with a quick stop at Haneda. Just saying.

It’s when I started staying away from Facebook because all my friends are going somewhere and I am stuck on my desk; furtively playing for a lotto windfall so that I can travel everyday of my life and not regret anything. It’s when I start driving myself mad from working long hours just to save enough to fund another travel. It’s when I start visiting travel sites and threads repeatedly–reading tips, taking notes and being mad envious at the same time.

Someone once told me how I manage to always go somewhere — when traveling can be so expensive. I tell them that the secret really for my budget travels is research. Tons and tons of research — the kind of thing that rivals thesis dissertations due to the amount of time I spend online. It’s time to travel when you feel the need to refresh, to pause — to momentarily get off life’s mad roller coaster.

Matador Network has a more fun list to know just when it’s time for you to travel:

19 Signs it’s been WAY too long since your Last Vacation

1. You view it as a badge of honor.
“I haven’t taken a day off from work in five years.” There are correct and incorrect inflections for this sentence. If you’re using the same tone of voice you would bragging to your friends about how much you lifted at the gym yesterday, your priorities may need readjusting.

2. Your sunscreen has actually expired.
Does sunscreen even go bad? You aren’t sure, but you’re definitely not going to trust whatever squeezes out of those gnarly-looking bottles at the back of your medicine cabinet. Thanks to a series of bitter-cold winters, paired with summers when you were “just too busy” to emerge from the cocoons of home and office, your skin these days is several shades lighter than it was when you were a kid.

3. You’ve come to think of squirrels, raccoons, and pigeons as “wildlife.”
There’s more to fauna than trash scavengers and mangy birds. You can interact with Earth’s creatures in ways other than desperately trying to trap that squirrel in your attic. Think swinging through the rainforest canopy with howler monkeys, diving with dolphins…

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