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Your Beautiful Adventure #MyMarianasPH #Blogapalooza

“Not all who wander are lost,” so goes the oft-quoted line from JRR Tolkien’s poem “All That is Gold does not Glitter.”

Marianas Islands, a lush Micronesian paradise made of tiny tropical islands in the Pacific sandwiched between the furthermost edges of Japan, Hawaii, New Guinea and the Philippines and currently classified as a US Territory, elicits a feeling of adventure for travelers lucky enough to discover and wander throughout the islands. Tolkien might have been referring to the many lucky travelers who managed to set foot on the Marianas — intrepid wanderers, discovering new sights and experiences: definitely not lost, but definitely Wonderfully Lost and definitely on an adventure.


Credit to Wikipedia

This is the same premise behind “Your Beautiful Adventure” – a tagline that, for me, best describes setting foot on the many islands of The Marianas. I imagine that any traveler setting foot on the islands for the first time must have the same thought in mind: “Hello, My Beautiful Adventure…”

With its lush, unpoilt natural beaches, the mysteries of its many islands, the biggest and most notable are Saipan, Tinian and Rota which is often classified as the Northern Marianas Islands — the opportunity to see this beauty is a dream come true for a traveler like me.


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A reminder of the intense fighting during World War II (Photo Credit MyMarianasPH Instagram Page)

Of course, there is so much more to Marianas Islands than beaches, beneath the many lush forests and dense woodlands lies ruins and archeological sites, rich flora and fauna that can excite my Indiana Jones-wannabe heart. There were dive sites, untold history behind its many beaches and woodlands and sumptous cuisine that is an experience in itself.


Your Beautiful Adventure in History 

I am a history buff and the biggest nerd ever. History excites me and my idea of a good time is discovering ruins while learning about the history (and the secrets) behind it. So, if I am chosen to go to the Marianas (of course, along with my sister, my hubby and another lucky friend) — they better be prepared to put their Indiana Jones khakis! One of the entries in my bucket list is to go diving and see interesting sights beyond what the land can offer. 

One of the best dive sites is the Maritime Heritage Trail in Tanapag Lagoon, Saipan. Within this trail are Japanese shipwrecks, aircrafts and landing craft, as well as two US aircrafts and a landing craft. These are a somber reminder of one of the most intense battles in the Pacific and also holds significance to other nationalities who took part during the war, including us Filipinos.


A Japanese merchant vehicle off Tanapag Lagoon (credit to owner, from Wikipedia)

While my swimming skills (more so, my diving) leaves much to be desired, the many in-land wrecks like Sherman Tanks, discarded vehicles and many points of interest within the Heritage Trail are a must-see: not only as a tourist, but also as a history buff who would like to pay her respects to those who lost their lives during the deadly Battle of Saipan.

Your Beautiful Adventure to Wellness 

Another bucket list item I’d like to tick off is to have time to recharge and replenish my body, soul and mind. One of the places I’d like to see is the Taga Beach in Tinian Island and the Managaha Beach in Saipan.

Managaha Beach, with its crystal waters and endless stretch of sand is a paradise for those who love spending day at the beach (like me!) while Tinian offers a glimpse of both the languid, beautiful beach life and the rich culture and history behind the island.

For someone as overworked like I do, an opportunity to just lounge on the beach, with yummy tropical drinks in hand, the wind of my face and the smell of sea on my skin — that already is the very definition of heaven.

Who knows? I might be able to make this dream a reality — thanks to #MyMarianasPH and #Blogapalooza everything is possible.



This post is my entry to the “Get Wonderfully Lost in the Northern Marianas Islands” contest courtesy of #MyMarianasPH and #Blogapalooza.