Hotel Feature: Rediscovering Paradise in COAST Boracay 

The last time I was in Boracay, it was mid-June of 2007. I have recently left my job at the shipping line plying the seas of the island and was returning for “the last time – for the time being.” Unlike most people who considered the island as paradise and vacation spot, the nature of my job then made me look at Boracay as just an extension of my office. Unlike the time when I first laid my eyes on the island, my two years of going back and forth Caticlan and its surrounding islands have withered any romance between me and Boracay. 

So imagine going back ten years after and being truly, truly blown away on how far the island has changed during my absence. 

Definitely, the turquoise-colored waters remain as inviting as ever and the fine white sand remained as breath taking. Standing on the shore even for a bit will immediately transported to your own bit of paradise. 

What surprised me more is how far has the island has changed during my decade long absence. New hotels – swankier and posher than the next – has appeared from stations 1 to 3. We are lucky to be able to stay in one of those amazing places. 

COAST Boracay is the latest relaxing haven in Station 2 Boracay, courtesy of the Raintree Hospitality Group, one of the recognized names in F&B Management and the company behind M Cafe, Kabila, among others. 

The hotel has a 71 rooms and immediate access to the beach and the nearby D’Talipapa.  It sits right in the middle of Station 2 and is about a 10-minute walk to the D’Mall, and is surrounded by tons of restaurants and other food kiosks. 

Upon arrival, guests will be greeted with a welcome drink, warm welcoming smiles from the staff and a cold towel to refresh you after the long travel. 

While the other half of the hotel is still being constructed, careful planning by the management made sure that the guests will not feel inconvenienced, no construction noises can be heard or workers seen.

The premises of the hotel is bright, airy and stylish yet very laid back – none of the heavy wood paneling or heavy interior decorating usually seen in other hotels. If you love posting on your social networks, every nook and cranny of the hotel screams #OOTD #BestEver #Lit and would look wicked online.

The rooms are very nicely appointed, the bed tempts you to forget abot the nice view outside and instead vegetate amidst the very soft goose down pillow and luxurious bed sheets. Coast Boracay is also the first to have Smart Television in the island, giving access to its guests to any of the film’s available via Netflix or iFlix. 

Our stay was more than amazing, courtesy of the service shown by the hotel team lead by Pitina, the hotel manager. Staying at Coast automatically leads towards the VIP lifestyle and experience, which starts as soon as your plane reaches Caticlan. Coast will pick you up from the airport, bring you to the Jetty Port through the company’s very own service car, label your luggages while at the Jetty Port and sort them (the next time you’ll see your luggage – you’re already at the hotel), bring you across the island to the Cagban Port where you no longer have to line up the usual disembarking area. Instead, you will disembark away from the crowd and instead ushered straight to the waiting van who will bring you to your hotel. 

COAST Boracay is located at the Station 2 Beach front, Bgy Balabag, Malay, Aklan. 

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