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Thailand bolsters exhibition ties with the Philippines 

It’s time for Filipino businesses to showcase in Thailand and take advantage of the exceptional standards and attendance in Thailand trade shows. 

This was the premise of the recently-launched “Thailand Extra Exhibition”, a trade show mounted by the Thailand Convention and Exhubition Bureau (TCEB) in cooperation with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands (CPPI). The trade show promoted Thaikand’s seven leading professional exhibition organizers in automotive & logistics, food & agriculture, energy and health & wellness. 

TCEB exhibitions and events director Ms. Jaruwan Suwannasat (middle) joined by former DOT secretary Mina Gabor and representatives from the top exhibiiton organizers in Thailand

 The new global marketing initiative, dubbed “Thailand Extra Exhibition” is being launched to offer the Philippine businesses with extra benefits and better connections with Thailand’s wide spectrum of services. The initiative underlines the country’s strengths and privileges through a number of core initiatives that will be implemented in 2016 to emphasize Thailand’s value in the next stage of the ASEAN connectivity and show Thailand’s huge potential as a marketplace for exhibitions and with that, unrivaled business opportunities. 

The Philippines and Thailand enjoy a close and win-win partnership when it comes to commerce and trade. To expand trade value between the two countries, TCEB together with international trade show organizers from Thailand banded together to step up its efforts in marketing and enhancing cooperation in the exhibition industry. 

In her message to attendees during the press one, Suwannasat highlights the growing trade potential between the two countries, “Thailand Extra Exhibition is the latest initiative to come from the team of the Thailand Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), showcasing three key attributes of doing business in Thailand. These factors, combined with the TCEB’s world-class’s support and service infrastructure, position Thailabd as a marketplace with outstanding potential for the exhibition industry, and by extension for companies looking to access markets in the ASEAN and Greater Mekong Sub-region.”

Currently, the Philippines is considered one of the priority countries for Thailand due to the long-established trade relations and growing trade volume between the two countries, at $8.4 billion in 2014. Thailand was the Philippines’ eight largest trading partner while the Philippines is Thailand’s 6th largest trading partner in ASEAN and 18th biggest in the world. 

Present during the presentation of the Thailand Extra Exhibition are representatives from seven of Thailand’s biggest exhibition organizers including UBM Asia (Thailand), Impact Exhibition Services, NEO Exhibition Organizers, Nishio, Bangkok Exhibition Services, VNU Asia-Pacific Exhibitions and VICTAM. 

Impact, for example, also manages what is currently the biggest exhibition area and venue in SouthEast Asia – slated to be a venue to some of the most successful series of trade shows.

TECB highlighted one of the growing exhibition markets for the beauty and cosmetics industries, as well as the agriculture sector. For the beauty sector alone – one organizer Impact has already organized for two major exhibitions, with usual attendance of 11,000 exhibitors and guests from across 50 countries. 

Exhibitions in Thailand reached a milestone with a record 103 trade shows in 2015. This year, the country expects to welcome 190,400 international exhibition delegates generating a total of 17 billion baht. 

The continuing emergence of Thailand as an exhibition destination also poised questions when it comes to safety of delegates. TECB assures the media of their continued diligence and coordination with the police for any threat that might poise risk for tourists and attendees. TECB underscores the importance of constant communication with the authorities as well as constant sharing of info to delegates and exhibitors alike as key to ensuring peace of mind of the many attendees of the numerous exhibitions in Thailand. 

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