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Are you an FCB fan? Here’s a TVC you will enjoy!

My sister and the hubby are big FC Barcelona fans — so this TV commercial is for them. Props to Qatar Airways for coming up with a TVC that highlights the partnership with one of the premiere football clubs in the world through a TVC that is just enjoyable to watch.

I am not a big fan and I do not follow (European) football like the sis and the hubby do, but for an avid traveler, this is a land I don’t mind going. Who would say “no” to football footwork/”dance” lessons with Messi? Not me, definitely!

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

Incidentally, did you know that one of FC Barcelona’s legendary players was a Pinoy? His name is Paulino Alcantara and he is considered as FCB’s first ever superstar. For the longest time, he held the record as Barca’s All-Time Top Scorer, until Leo Messi surpassed this record last March 2014.


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