Arigato! Mr. Roboto!

I hesitated writing about my impending Japan trip since I haven’t got a Visa secured yet.

Finally, I can say (out loud and in confidence) that I will be spending my birthday in Tokyo. I can’t believe that something I’ve been dreaming of since I was 18 will now be a reality. In less than three weeks, I will finally see the country that I have loved since I was a teenager: the land of Voltes V, Arashi, manga, harajuku, sushi, Fuji-san and of panty-vending machines!
Even now, a day after I have gotten the visa, I am still smiling.


If you are from the Philippines, you will understand how hard it is to get a visa to amazing places like Japan, South Korea, Europe and even the US. I don’t blame the government of these countries for enacting strict visa rules. Unfortunately, there were some Filipinos who took advantage of the la visa system before and never returned to our country after their tour or trip abroad, choosing instead to seek employment there. What others see as a desperate chance to change their lives also spelled strict visa laws for us who want to just travel and explore the place.
I myself, am not rich — in fact, the lengths I went through just for this chance and opportunity is one for the books. Something I plan to share with everyone in another post just to prove that anyone can get a Japan visa as long as they follow the rules to a T. I have a lot of people to thank — for guiding me and accommodating me during the times when I was a wreck and trying to arrange my docs and finances.
Thank you for helping a young girl’s fondest wish came true.


8 thoughts on “Arigato! Mr. Roboto!

  1. Louinski says:

    Waiting for your next blog entry… How did you managed to get that coveted visa? Thanks for this, i’m dreaming of this trip aswell…

    • lanilakwatsera says:

      Hi Louinski! thanks for visiting my blog… got the visa through sheer determination and researching like crazy. Here’s a tip: completing your documents and having them in order is winning 70% of the battle. Kaya mo yan! It’ll be worth it!

  2. Louinski says:

    I’m still on my planning stage… So puro research din ako… I really hope you can share your details like how much money do i need have in the bank or what should my salary be… This is one of my dreams aswell… Like you, im not rich but i love to travel din…. Enjoy your trip, i’ll be reading your next entries… Thanks

  3. anna says:

    can’t wait for your next entry. after going to s. korea, i plan to go to japan next. so i’m planning for my trip. thanks.

    • lanilakwatsera says:

      Hi Anna! Good luck on the planning! It’s relentless planning that I learned that nothing is impossible! 🙂

  4. i’ll be waiting for your future blogs too.. also a dream to explore japan… 🙂 hope you van give us more insights and tips.. it will really be helpful! thanks.. 🙂

    • lanilakwatsera says:

      Thanks Clarissemae. I have waited for this trip to come true for more than 15 years. Dreams do come true — just you wait 🙂

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