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Road to JAPAN 2014: Preparing my budget

I determined more than ever to spend my 35th birthday in the country I loved most. There’s no time that I am not thinking about looking for cheap tickets and finally booking a flight to my dream destination. Call me crazy, but I have conditioned myself into thinking that I am going to Japan — no matter what.

I guess the only thing that will stop me is if I have life threatening injuries or pregnant and about to pop. Otherwise, I will make sure to spend my milestone birthday on the observation deck of the Tokyo Sky Tree or Tokyo Tower.

As you all know, it’s not easy to go to Japan for us Filipinos due to the need to have a visa prior to entry. I really couldn’t blame Japan and its government. In the 80s and early 90s, a lot of Filipinas went to Japan to try their lukc. Some of them have no working visas and have resorted to hiding.

Part of getting a visa is proving my finances — that I will be able to sustain myself while traveling and will be able (and willing!) to go back to Manila after the trip. Oh, if I could only convince them that I have no intention of flouting Japanese rules and laws. Well, even if getting a busy is a bummer — it’s something that we all have to follow and respect. Hence, this early, I am already preparing for the trip as if it was barely a month away. The most taxing and draining is building a nest egg that will serve as your travel fund and reference during visa application.

Because I am the mother of OCness, I made an excel file of the money I need to raise to go to Japan. Here is it so far:

Japan Budget

Yuuup, still had a long way to go. But I never doubted, not even for a second, that taking this trip is not impossible.


5 thoughts on “Road to JAPAN 2014: Preparing my budget

  1. Hi, Your posts are good and elaborate. Have you already visited Japan? Can you plz share the Itinerary and Budget? I’m planning to travelling to Osaka, looking for a best Itinerary. TYVM.!

    • lanilakwatsera says:

      Hi and thank you for dropping by. Yes, I went to Tokyo for my birthday last May. It was fun but the days are not enough. Plotting my return (this time at Osaka)…. will try to write and share my itinerary 🙂 Been busy lang 🙂

  2. Omg ako rin dream ang Japan for my 25th birthday 🙂 This November na yun. And I already bought my ticket. Fingers crossed na lang sa visa application. Will follow your DIY tips. I also have an excel budget like yours 🙂

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