Going away for my birthday…

I’ll be celebrating another blessed year the best way I know how. By going away.
I know I have yet to detail here our Taipei trip, hopefully I’ll get to it by next week, but I am glad to inform you that I am off to discover another great place — and no airplane ticket required!

I have heard so much about Potipot Island in Zambales that I just have to be there for my birthday. In two weeks, I will be off to discover this wonderful place with my family.

another version of paradise

another version of paradise

I was able to score cheap accommodations on a resort just a few minutes away from the island, and in a great show of coincidence, was also able to generate good discounts for a twelve-seater van. I can’t wait for the election weekend to arrive! So while Manila is reeling from last minute electioneering and campaigning by pathetic fools masquerading as politicians, I’ll be in Potipot — happily chilling and away from the madness of the city.


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