Traveling on a Budget

Cebu Pacific’s “Me and New” Sale!

Say all you want about Philippine budget carrier, Cebu Pacific and its delayed and over-booked flights but no one can deny that this thriving budget airline company made flying accessible to many Filipinos, this writer included.
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When I was younger, I had the impression that one must be filthy rich in order to ride a plane. For an average Filipino that earned just enough for an honest living, flying off to a distant land (domestic or international) is out of the question. That was then. Where families bear 18 to 24 hour ship travel from Manila to Iloilo or Cagayan de Oro for that once-a-year trip to see loved-ones. Flying off to international destinations is even more unlikely. Again, riding a plane back then was for the moneyed class.

And then came Cebu Pacific. The sixteen-year old airline company ushered the possibility of flying for ordinary Filipinos by offering cheap rates both for domestic or international flights. Yes, Cebu Pacific is not perfect — there are delayed flights, overbooked jaunts and even missing luggages (remember the infamous Thrilla in NAIA last May?)

Still, no one can deny that by offering cheap flights, many of my kababayans were able to realize their dreams of seeing foreign lands. Personally, Cebu Pacific and its famous “PHP88 Sale” gave me the chance to see South Korea last March. I also flew Cebu Pacific to both of my HK trips in 2008 and 2010 (for Singapore, I usually fly JetStar). This year, the cheap airline rates purchased last June is giving my mom and dad their opportunity to see Hong Kong for the first time.

Well, if you’re like me (someone who wants to bring the family abroad but doesn’t have much cash), you might reconsider your travel plans:

Seat Sale

Cebu Pacific Seat Sale! – Book Now!

Cebu Pacific is offering its “Me and New Sale” until August 21, 2012; travel period is from October 18 to 31, 2012.

For more infomation, go to


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